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Thursday, February 1

back home from the doc's.
didnt go to sch todae.
sick. >.<
coughing like siao. Zzz.
anyway just now i was still cursing and swearing.
cos waichuen called me to go down to the utensils shop to check out the size of the cups.
and i called naichung to go down instead but he rejected!!
so i had no choice but to agree to go down lor.
2 mins after i put down the phone waichuen called back and said naichung decided to go down for me le!!
so now i no need go down le!!
sometimes its nice to be sick!!~

~ [ 4:13 PM ]
reflections of you and me;

Tuesday, January 30

early dismissal todae!
as in my class end at 1pm.
went out of sch with my class peeps to buy a few items for the love fiesta publicity thing.
returned to sch by 2.30 then i went back home to get my sec 3 de chem txbk for my junior.
went back to sec sch for peep tutoring session with juniors and conclusion is tat,
i have returned majority of my sch stuff to ms sim.
however, still was able to solve a few qns lah.
wat i have forgotten is all the formulas lah.
the cos rule, obtuse law and wat shit lah.

anyway thurs had to stay back in sch till quite late again.
cos the leaders got the so called time check or time run thingy in preparation for sat de love fiesta. the funfair thingy.
then heard that fri will onli be a half dae.
donnoe why but its a good thing lah.
cos no need go for pc.
anyway donnoe is coincident or wat,
the 3 consecutive sat got relative de bdae,
and also coincidentally, the 3 consecutivesat also got leaders stuff.
rmb 30th is my dearest de cousin de bdae, which clashes with the vivo event thing.
then 27th is my grandparents de bdae, which clashes with the sale of ticx thing.
then this sat, 3rd feb is my other dearest cousin de bdae, which also clashes with the love fiesta thing.

~ [ 7:21 PM ]
reflections of you and me;

Thursday, January 25

back at home early todae!
since start of sch tink todae is the first dae i return home so early sia.
anyway todae lesson was alright.
finally saw the chem teacher.
she is funny!
lame too.
not as bad as wat i tot lah.
anyway got to noe a few stuff bout my classmates.
jia hua likes boa too!
and me and si aun say we will go kbox onedae!! ^^
had alot of fun with my classmates.
we were esp noisy todae during lessons, esp chi de.

anyway, i have just noticed something.

~ [ 3:51 PM ]
reflections of you and me;

Wednesday, January 24

sun met up with my besties!!!
so so so happy!!!
had a super nice fun time crapping with them.
and thanks sweet sweet ade for the keychain!!!
missing everyone soooo much!

anyway i have been returning home so super late this few daes.
so bz lah.
yest got the leaders thingy.
then by the time i reach home already 10pm le lor.
make me todae during lessons so damn slpy.

btw i went back to sec sch todae.
to slack.
saw my dearest choir juniors!
they are still so cute and sweet as ever!

not gonna let that matter dampen my mood.
ps: dt u rox!!!!!!!~~~~~ ^^

~ [ 9:56 PM ]
reflections of you and me;

Saturday, January 20

suffering from muscle aches currently.
wat a chore to walk down the stairs!

anyway meeting up with nu er tmr!!
ok, todae liao.
hope the rest of the gals can make it too.
but whether they can or not,
i am just glad i get to meet any one of my besties.
its been such along tym since i see them.
sch is just not right without them after all.

~ [ 12:27 AM ]
reflections of you and me;

Monday, January 15

getting bored currently.
just had a new change of timetable todae.
its like so damn sucky lor.
mon lessons end off at 3.30pm with pc!
so damn hot at that time of the day lah.
then fri also, end class at like 4.30!
due to the bloody pc again.
hope every fri will be like last fri like tat,
cos it was raining then the teacher just dismiss everyone!!
no pc leh! so gd lor.
anyway the onli thing i like bout the new timetable is tat my ealiest class ends at 1pm!
which i tink is quite early le lah.

anyway lessons for todae was quite boring.
bio lecture at the start of the dae. the teacher is like so damn boring can!
she speaks like monotone de lor.
sometimes i wonder hu she is talking to. =X
had maths tutorial too.
the teacher is ..... interesting?
not as in his lessons are interesting lah.
but then when he enter the classrm i was like Zzz..
he looks super sloppy lor.
i guess it was due to his hair lah.
ok, fringe.
his fringe is like touching his nose liao.
plus when he writes on the white board,
he alwaes ends off with a fullstop,
which he hits the board so hard it makes a sound lor.
plus, the way he speaks is weird.
anyway there was gp tutorial as well.
the teacher is like so high pitch.
plus cos we having lessons in the avr,
she sounds echo-y.

oh yes,
for pc todae,
it was onli a height and weight taking session.
and i guess there muz be something wrong with the meter rule on the wall,
or there muz be something wrong with the eyes of the person taking my height.
how can i shrink 2cm!!
btw, i tink i am over reacting lah.
actually, i don mind being 2cm shorter lah.
162. sounds nice too.
rather then that 164. pronounce it in chi, yi lu si, which means die all the way.
so inauspicious.

feeling so unlike myself todae.

~ [ 8:26 PM ]
reflections of you and me;

Sunday, January 14

just reached home.
was out with my og peeps at jurong pt.
with me was jehanne,yongsoon,ernest,aaron,zhiwei and helmi.
meet them at jp to watch death note 2... again.
it was the second time for me and aaron to watch death note 2.
a chance for me to eat my nachos!
i have gotten influenced my that alicia lah.
make me like nachos.
after i finish eating my nachos, stole some from aaron!
anyway after the show was dinner time!
ate at banquet due to that helmi.
daniel came to meet us even though he ate his dinner already.
anyway he was blur lah, which made us all so blur too.
after dinner peixin came to join us.
tink she was just on her way home from somewhere then she shun bian come find us.
anyway after dinner was like almost 10pm liao.
we went to k pool!
to play pool of cos.
first time i play pool eh!
yes i noe, super noob, thats me.
thanks to daniel,aaron,yongsoon and ernest for like being so patient with me and teaching me lor.
anyway playing pool with yongsoon is like so stress, cos he damn good lah.
then he that pro play with me this noob tink he also play till pengz ah.
halfway through, helmi,zhiwei,peixin and jehanne left first.
then left me,daniel,yongsoon,aaron and ernest lor.
we overshot the time by like donnoe how long lah.
then at ard 11 plus we left for home.
daniel,and yongsoon took the mrt home.
then cos aaron stay super near jpt, he offer to pei me wait for the bus lah.
then ernest was like so damn nice can,
he offer to send me home lor.
ok, partly becos he is waiting for his sis whom at that time is at pasir ris to reach jpt.
then he nth to do so pei me go home.
so anyway aaron left after our bus came.
had a nice chat with ernest on the bus.
he didnt believe me when i say i stay opp jurongspring cc lor.
then when he reach my blk he really believe liao lah.
cos is really opp till cannot opp liao lor.

anyway its nice to play pool with ppl hu don mind my super nooby skills.
at least i not as lousy as helmi.
he hit the ball till the ball can fly lor.
plus he can even hit the lamp sia.
we were laughing like mad lah.

anyway thanks everyone for making my dae!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ernest! yongsoon!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
daniel! zhiwei!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
aaron! no.8!

~ [ 12:05 AM ]
reflections of you and me;